Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Payday Wednesday Update - Been a Long Time!

Hello my friends! Long time no talk.  I hope everyone out there in blog world is doing well.

A lot has happened since my last post…mostly good, but some not-so good things too. But I survived!

Where am I today?  I’ve made a few decisions about the blog.  I got a little overwhelmed these past couple of months, between grad school, home, my regular job and the financial goals.  Now that my workload has eased a bit I have had a little time to ruminate on our financial progress.

I’ve decided to keep working at it and keep the new years’ resolutions I put forth as is.  But I gotta tell you, seeing the number at the bottom of my sidebar saying six figures’ worth of non-house debt….bums me out.  It’s really, really hard when we are trying to make those numbers move and not seeing any progress. 

So what I am going to do is this:  I will continue to track total our total debt in my spreadsheets, but for blog purposes, we’re going to break our debts down a  little further and focus on some specific targets here.  I think this will help us stay on task as we tackle each individual bill, and not overwhelm us with that giant “overall” figure.

So I am off to update the sidebars and hopefully that will keep us a little more motivated and on-task.

Financially, we’re doing well, having eliminated our VERY LAST medical bill and having made some small progress on other fronts.

I continue to do well on my other resolutions as well.

That’s about it! 
Until next time,