Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recapping March

At the beginning of the year I vowed to track my progress on my resolutions monthly.  Well, I didn’t do so well, as my blog indicates. I was absent for a long time. I’ll recap March here, but really this is a recap of the first three months of the year. I did great in some areas and not do great in others. What can I say….I’m a work in progress.

1. Establish a $1000 E-fund. Grade:  F  See above…we’ve emptied it twice in the past three months. It was needed, but gosh does it sting to see that money go away. L

2. Eliminate $8,800 in debt. Grade: A.   So far this year, we have eliminated $2,243 or $747 a month. This puts us on track to meet our goal by the end of the year!

3. Graduate from college (again.) Grade: A -….As in, I passed my two hellish grad courses this past term with A minuses. J I just began my last class, but I think compared to last term it will be much easier and less time consuming.

4. Continue to lose weight. Grade: C …I have stalled at around 11 pounds lost.  I need to get back to it!

5. Find a way to make $80 in snowflakes per month.
Grade: D…I did return bottles last month but that was only $44 and I don’t think I did anything at all in EBay sales.

6. Be a better wife and mom. Grade: C…I started off the year doing well, then began the grad school term from hell and completely slacked off. This past weekend I did do some mommy-daughter time, but I need to devote a little more attention to my husband and also to doing things as a FAMILY.

7. Spend some time improving myself:

a. Go see the dentist regularly. Grade: B:  I found a new dentist in my area, but could not get in until 4/29.

b. Go have my eyes checked (it’s been 5 years!) Grade: F …Didn’t even try to schedule it.

c. Spend a little more time and money on my appearance. Grade: B+   I spent some time at the salon and also bought a few new clothing items at steep discounts.  Amazing how looking better can make you feel better…

d. Visit the chiropractor at least 7 times. Grade: F  Haven’t even called!

e. Exercise at least twice a week.  Grade: D …Again I began strong and then slacked off.

I’ll keep it at it. I know I can do a better job on these goals! How are YOU all doing with your 2011 resolutions?