Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As the Money Stands

So here's where I am today:

Current debts we're working on total $7753, a difference of $495 since I last posted.  Not great, but not bad either. 

Things are going well here.  I am happy to report that after a HUGE and difficult trimester, I have finished grad school!  YEAH!  I am awaiting my grade for my last class but have no reason to believe it will be below a B. Which means in about two weeks I should have my MBA!  Wooooo hooo!

I updated my sidebars --------> to reflect current amounts, and will recap my yearly goals below.

1. Establish a $1000 E-fund. Grade:  F  Once again we have raided the E-fund.  Can someone please give me some pointers on maintaining this account?  So frustrating!
2. Eliminate $8,800 in debt.  Grade: C.   So far this year, we have eliminated $3,240 or $540 a month. At this rate we will not meet our goal! We must get back up around $750 a month to get there.

3. Graduate from college (again.) Grade: A. It's gonna happen, in about 2 weeks!
4. Continue to lose weight.   Grade: B-.  I have stalled at around 11 pounds lost.  I seem to have hit  a plateau despite working hard, exercising and tracking caloric intake.  The scale's not moving, but it isn't due to lack of effort on my part!
5. Find a way to make $80 in snowflakes per month. Grade: D. I haven't even tried lately.  I am planning a yard sale and some Craigslist sales, so this number will move next month.
6. Be a better wife and mom. Grade: A-.  Summer in Maine is SO much easier to plan activities.  The kiddo and I have done the beach, pedicures, played games, taken walks, etc.  For family activities we have done a lot of boating and fishing.  We have a full calendar planned this weekend, too. And much more to come!  I love summer in Maine.
7. Spend some time improving myself:
a. Go see the dentist regularly. Grade: A!  I found a new dentist and she's wonderful. So far I have done my initial consultation and had a broken tooth fixed (love my FSA!) and I have another appointment next week for a cleaning.

b. Go have my eyes checked (it’s been 5 years!)
Grade: F …Didn’t even try to schedule it.

c. Spend a little more time and money on my appearance. Grade: A+ Maybe I did TOO well on this one? I was given some cash for graduation and I decided to spend it on clothes and shoes. I haven't done that in a long time! It felt good, but I could have spent it on I do feel a bit guilty. (But I look really pretty!)

d. Visit the chiropractor at least 7 times. Grade: A  I've been twice and have an appointment next week.

e. Exercise at least twice a week.  Grade: A. I've been running!  And I like it.  I partially tore my meniscus a few weeks ago and had to take some time off to heal it.  I have been back at it about 8 days and have run three times in that period.

So that's the scoop. Things are going pretty well and I feel confident we will regain some momentum on our financial goals.  I'll check back soon....until then, rock on, PF bloggers. Reading your words is inspiring!

Still plugging away...

I have made some progress on some goals, and done not-so-hot on others.  But I am still here, and still working. I will write more later and will also update my sidebars.  Thanks for sticking with me, blog friends.  Life has kept me away but I haven't abandoned the cause, and keeping up with all of you helps motivate me!

Until then,