Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spending Recap

Mon 8/1 - $40 gas
$11 Daughter's daycare activities

Tue 8/2 - NO SPEND

Wed 8/3 - $107 Groceries

Thur 8/4 $3.50 Fast Food Dinner

Fri 8/5 $10 Theme Park
$13 Snacks


Last week was an OK week, although I had hoped Thursday would be a no spend also.  I had to wait in town to meet my husband before going home, and the wait was longer than expected.  The kiddo got hungry, so we went though a drive thru. Oh well. Other than that I am pretty happy with our spending!  We also went to the theme park and it was awesome!  What a fun time - and inexpensive, too, since my work paid for admission.

This week is unexpectedly going to be a little more money than I want to spend, but we are going to go forth with plans.  Our daughter had a last-minute the opportunity to take a trip to some local attractions with her grandparents so we are going to send her, despite the fact it will be a little money out of pocket. We think that time will be valuable for her, since she doesn't get a lot of alone time with them.   Also, I have been invited to spend time with a friend out of town Friday for dinner and drinks, and since I rarely, if ever, have a time to go out without my child, I am going to take her up on the offer!  I will try to keep my expenditures to a minimum.

Not much else is going on, though we did have a chance to sell two items on Craigslist this weekend - hurray!  I had a buyer lined up for them in July but she backed out, so I was glad to get these items out of the house.  We made $80 on them.

Other than that I have been cleaning furiously and purging our house of unwanted items in preparation for a yard sale.  I have finished the top floor of the house, now I need to work on the 1st floor and then on to the dreaded basement.  I am in hopes to have a very successul sale.  It will likely be at the end of the month.

I guess that is it for now.  How goes it for you, blog friends?


  1. awesome week for you!!!! $10 for theme park! that is perfect!!!

  2. good luck with the yardsale, and that is great that work paid to visit the theme park!