Monday, August 1, 2011

Spending Recap

Sunday 7/24 – Included in CASH vacation numbers

Monday 7/25 - $20 gas
$1 Snack

Tuesday 7/26 - NO SPEND

Wednesday 7/27 - $45 groceries
$30 gas

Thursday 7/28- NO SPEND

Friday 7/29 - NO SPEND

Saturday 7/30 - NO SPEND

I did much better this week – really, out of necessity!  Payday is Wednesday and I really need to keep a close eye on our expenditures until then.

This week we have a few things has been a spendy day, but I should be able to squeak in a few no spends prior to Friday.  We are headed to an amusement park that day, which my job is paying for admission – yeah!  We will pack a lunch, but I’ll bring a bit of cash for treats.

I will post again Wednesday for my usual payday update!  Until then….enjoy the heat!


  1. awesome week!!! I am so proud of you! you did great!

    good luck this week :)

  2. That's a huge savings (no amusement entrance fee!)

    You are the queen of No Spends! Congrats!